Would a girl send Winky Faces if she is not interested?

Would a girl send Winky Faces if she is not interested? I was nearly 100% certain she was interested. She friend zoned me, but sends winky face whenever we meet up for a few minutes as she shows me something in the gym.
There is no joke or humour in the texts , its making plans and sending a winky face. Yes I send them back. Part of me thinks I asked for her number too quick so she put on the breaks and wants to take it slower. She keeps asking when she will see me again in the gym.

She shows me stuff for free, I don't compliment her, do any favours or any of that stuff. She makes time for me when she can and tells me so, and sends the winky here and there.

What to make of this?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Because people have the habit of sending those icons! I send those icons to my mom as well!
    It doesn't mean that the girl wants your dick or something! Jeez, people...


What Guys Said 1

  • Usually its their way of saying she's interested, but its usually very minor to the point that they mine place the guy in the friends zone and by friends zone, I mean just friends and maybe not even that if she's playing games. Females are usually more forward than a small wink. I would be concerned she's playing games or just a big flirt.

    • well there's other things Im bot relying just on that wink. I was just curious about it

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