Can you please rewrite this for me so that I can get a better message across?

I wrote this when I was drug. I don't know what I was think. Can you please rewrite it for me? I want to use it on craigslist to find a girlfriend. I get more hits on their than I do on dating sites. Thanks.

Ugly loser looking for super model type hot fine ass bitch b nice!
height: 5'7" (170cm)

age: 31

Hello I am a fat loser hispanic guy. 31 male. I don't like talking and dont work or have a job.. I dont really shower either..

anyways I am looking for a fine ass bitch.. not just ordinary.. but super model quality..

I want her to bang me and be my girlfriend and eventually my wife.

The voices in my head say that I am the master of this universe and all of you were made to do my bidding.. but for some reason you idiots dont get it and dont want to listen and obey so now i have to force you to do it!

anyways hot bitches ages 18-30 you will contact me with your pic.. and when i said my pic back you will accept and we will meet up and MY house!

and you have to be nice too or you are getting kicked to the curb!

deal with it!!


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  • lmao okay

    Dominant male looking for Sub.

    Me: 31yrs old, Hispanic, Dominant, Large man in charge.

    Enjoy eau a natural scents and laid back lifestyle.

    Looking for a probationary Sub that takes pride in her appearance and is looking for a Large Dom to take charge and lead. If Sub meets my needs then long term Dom/Sub agreement will be made.

    Respond with a current photo of yourself.

    Must have an understanding of Dom/Sub relationships and what is involved.

    • Thanks dude. I will use it.. hopefully it goes well

    • i can't promise that but it will go better than if you use what you originally wrote lol

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