He did not care?

I was seeing this guy for a month and a half and i felt unappreciated because he wouldn't give me enough attention. When i like someone i give them so much attention from day 1 or like a week or so and he never called and i felt like an object, yea sometimes he text or call but nothing special, no dates to movies, eating I don't know the usual things. I broke it off with him nd i said i will go to someone else and he responded with: dont do anything stupid and i will come by one of these days dont forget me (like if u give him sex i want some too) that kind of attitude... Why was he such a jerk, i treated him nicely gave him a lot of attention but al he cared about were his buddies and sex, he is 21 im 24


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  • Yeah, you just dated a guy who wanted to use you. But you know, this is just part of dating and especially young dating. You're not going to go out and date only keepers -- that's just never going to happen. I'm glad you broke it off because there are people out there who hang around toxic people and even do crazy things like have their babies. Just shrug it off and move on. You'll be fine.

    • I think its so dumb because im a virgin go to school work live on my own and they seem to go for girls who sleep around and do nothing all day, he will regret it because im someone he can build on and other girls will use him for sex or money

    • Well, I'll tell you right now he's not going to regret it. He wasn't into you and you should immediately stop the whole "Some day he'll wish he was with me" or blah blah. Just move on and look for a new guy. Feel fortunate that you had the awareness to kick him to the curb when you did and don't give the guy another thought as there are a million of them out there.

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  • Sweetheart, this is such a clear sign that this guy is just a douche and he does not deserve your sweetness at all.

    I think you should honestly move on and leave him for good, tell him that you won't waste any of your time with him whatsoever, and just do your own thing, enjoy life, don't give attention to people that don't give you the same attention back, that is unfair, it always takes two.

    You should just SKIP him and be happy on your own, until a nice gentleman will give you the right attention you deserve.
    Been there, done that, i know the feeling.

    <3 Good luck

    • Its so hard sometimes because im getting older and i never got that attention... Im 24 never got a boyfriend.

    • Aww you are not OLD AT ALL COMON. i met my true love when i was 26, and i have had a serious relationship before that, you can't consider yourself old, it's never too late, i had the same issue but i thought i might just concentrate on myself, and expect the unexpected, try to be careful and don't just LAND on any man that gives you the attention that YOU MIGHT THINK is the right attention just to have a boyfriend.

      Honestly i'd rather stay single than to suffer from douchebags.

      Just enjoy your life and when you least expect it, the man of your dreams will fall from heaven LOL SNAP just like that :)

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  • Well I am not excusing him but perhaps he felt smothered by your attention to him?

    • No i didn't give him that much attention, i just called and let him know if i arrived home, cooked for him

    • Ah well then he was probably just after sex.

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  • You did the right thing breaking it off. Don't waste time on people who don't make time for you. You cared more about him than he did about you. It seems like he doesn't want anything serious , so is keeping you at a distance. A guy who prefers to be with his friends isn't at the same stage in life as you. He's enjoying being a free spirit. It doesn't mean he's a bad person though, just not ready to put a woman first in his life

    I'm a very affectionate person and I love spending time with a guy I care about , but if he's not ready for that then I wouldn't settle for him. I'd end it