Am I overreacting?

I recently got into a relationship with a good friend of mine (1 month today) and last night we were attending a party where we going to tell our good friends that we were together, which I was really excited for, which he knew.

Well when I picked him up to go to the party, he had been pre drinking with his mates so much that he was completely drunk already and in the three minute drive to the party from his house he skulled one last drink and the second I parked he opened the door started vomiting everywhere, to the point we didn't even make it into the party, cause he spent two hours vomiting his guts up outside until I he was well enough to be driven home.

I missed out on my very good friends farewell party pretty much completely, and I am really upset that he completely ruined what was supposed to be a special night for us. I ended up crying a lot and even our good mutual friend was almost in tears apologising to me cause he felt responsible. But my boyfriend doesn't seem to think it was that big a deal. He did text me this morning that he was sorry if he embarrassed me and that I didn't get to tell everyone the way I wanted too, but that's basically it. And I am still really upset and crying over it, but I don't know if I'm overreacting or if he's being an asshole.


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  • I think you are sort of overreacting. I mean, it's just a party. But then again, those things don't mean too much to me. So I imagine that you probably feel terrible over it.


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