Im scared am I doing too much?

I've been close with this guy for 4 years the first two were me getting to kno him and vice versa we went to highschool together but i was never drawn to him cause he was the popular guy which mesnt lots of females liked him he had a girlfriend all throughout hs and we didn't really start communicating until i was a senior and he graduated we talked for a couple months before I started college and I expressed my feelings for him and in turn he did the same as time went on i didn't sleep with him for about a year and a half cause i wasn't sure of his intentions with me after being intimate with him for another year he expressed that he was going to make me his girlfriend but he had changed his mind he also told me that his feelings towards me never changed and they always been the same since we got close but to me over these years i feel like its all one big lie i dont mind waiting im not interested in any other guys but i think us getting into arguments made us closer and gave me more hope that we would actually become a couple. my issue with him is that he says all the same things to me and i have no doubt that he cares for me but I feel stupid for being along with him for this long especially when he knows i dont really want to go anywhere i dont want him to just stop talking to me im not really the type of girl who would like to experience different guys her whole life im 22 never had an official boyfriend and i gave him the chance after my first completely used and dogged me out. I dont consider this guy as just a friend I dont think that i ever will because we've been through so much i think now im just kinda lost of what to do and what to say to him without trying to pressure him into a full blown relationship seeing how his ex also did him dirty i just wanna try to get it through his head that i would be great for him i already am cause i dont think i could just turn off my feelings for him.


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  • the only thing I understood so far is you are perfectly right on your side. A girl like you, simply hard to find now a days. And he should admit the same. The best part is you are all sorted. Just try to avoid him for a time. Let him confess this time.

    • Its really hard to avois someone that youve talked to everyday nonstop for 4 years I don't know how many i stress the fact that i can't do it i feel like if i was to give him time that would be the end of it all which im extremely terrified of.

    • dude, the only fact I know is we never give up on the one we love and you knew it in a much better way. all m saying is just try to avoid long conversations and let him feel the same you feel.

    • I think he does i just also think he holds back a little more than i do like dont get me wrong i know he cares about me without a doubt but he's that prideful type of guy feels like he always has to be strong at all times or he's a bitch I've seen his softer side i think with the times we're both going through grown things in our life he's tryna be stronger than he's ever had to be

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