Why it's always me?

i mean I'm a good person (because everyone around tells me so) n still i don't have a girl in my life ( the one thats supposed to change the way you see things n stuff)
I'm pretty good in studies n m also an athlete so im not that type of loser
anyone got a clue why it's me till this time?


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What Girls Said 1

  • it is about your destiny

    • screw you
      n to hell with your destiny bullshit
      i write my own destiny b*tch !!!

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    • yes you can change your destiny

    • oh i will trust me
      you just don't know me that well

What Guys Said 1

  • you just haven't met that person yet, try to be more daring, talk to more girls see which one is your type, and if you spot one you like go for it, don't ever think about rejection or such, if you are an athlete then i guess i shouldn't ask anything about confidence since it is obvious, just talk to more people and if you think you are too "nice" try being a little more realistic, sarcastic and cynical... not too much though, just enough to show there is more you in there than people perceive


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