Girls, if a really hot guy is hot and cold with you, do you assume he's out of your league and only a little bit interested?

Let's say, some days he'll chat you up and be flirty and respond to your texts almost instantly but other days he'll ignore you or not respond to your texts, what will you assume?

That he already has a girlfriend or he has a bunch of girls after him or what? If the guy looks like Ryan Gosling or someone like that, what goes through your head and how do you cope with it?


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  • No, I'd assume he was playing games and that's really unattractive. I'd move on, but it wouldn't bother me. I wouldn't have time for someone like that.
    I'd think it was pathetic

    I really hope, at 30-35 , that's not you!

    Someone's personality can make huge difference to what they look like on the outside to a person.

    • I'm in my early twenties lol.

      Well what if the girl had a boyfriend she wasn't telling you about, is it acceptable then?

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    • Why does she like the attention? Because she's afraid of cheating and messing her relationship up?

      Is she doing negatively to hurt me, or is it more so like the married guy flirting with the cute waitress - he knows he can't sleep with her, but he enjoys the interaction none the less?

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  • I assume he's hot n cold and not worth my time.

  • he's an asshole

  • Fuck Ryan Gosling👍
    But anyway... are you like this?
    And if so why?
    Because I know someone who acts this way and it has me like 😕


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