Girls, What do girls think of guys with acne?

So I've recently been talking to this girl and she wants to meet me soon. The thing is I've kinda got really bad acne and it's really making me self conscious. I go to the same school as her so she knows I've got acne but I don't think she's noticed how bad it is since I've never gotten up close to her. She wants to meet me soon but I'm just really worried that she'll be put off by my acne and never want to see me again. What do you girls think? Thanks


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  • My bro had it, severly, so Im not bothered by it. I do know some people really don't like it though but thats the type of girl you wouldn't want to get with anyway.

  • What do you use to wash your face?

  • Umm, she's obviously not worried about it if she wants to meet up.

    • Yeah but my acne looks quite bad up close.. like baadd :/ Thanks though :)

    • Mmhmm

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