He's giving me mix signals, is he interested or he's just being friendly?

My friend (Jay) has been telling me many personal things such as his pass ex, his sex life, his family, pass struggle at school etc. Recently, I was talking to one of my close friend, and I asked him if he ever talked to him about it, and he said no. So im assuming he's just comfortable around me i guess? Couple weeks ago, i asked him if he was free the next day, he replied to me saying "my girlfriend said I'm busy", he doesn't have a girlfriend, and then I told him im not asking him out... and then in the end he told me that he was told to troll me... so i got mad and ignored him the whole weekend, and that Monday, he messaged me saying he wish he was in my class out of no where... I don't know... And lately we been texting each other talking about school work, and other stuff like life and talking about our life goals. I mean thats what friends do, but everytime when i message him, he replies to me so fast, w/in 2nds. Recently, my best friend broke up with her ex, and her ex keeps texting me to help him get her back and i didn't know what to say, so i went to Jay and he helped me so much, and recently, he followed my best friend on insta even tho he never met her. The other day, out of no where, he asked me who was my friend cause he thought she was cute... but... then he told me he's not interested and compared me to her and said i was better and then told me about his ex and how he got hurt. But, we both have been studying for this test (4 different test and studied one of them) and we both failed it, and he said he still wants to study with me regardless. I thought he wouldn't want to study with me bc we both failed it... I don't know. I'm all over the place, and tomorrow is valentines day and I don't know. im just curious.


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  • He sound confused


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