Physical touch meaning?

Due to the fact that I've never really dated and what not. I'm not privy to when a guys interested, I'm what you call "dense" lol.

But this guy at work like does far more than any guy friend I've ever had. Like I give my best guy friend a 3 second hug, and he'll give me like the LONGEST hug ever.

He wraps his arm around me and walks me through the work place, he snakes his arm around my waist, hugs me from behind, he was rubbing my knee once which was different.

He had his hand resting on my knee once too and I went to poke it because like WHY WAS IT THERE? Lol. And he like grabbed my hand and held it.

Then he tried to kiss my cheek but i denied him, but a few weeks later he opened his arms for a hug but like snuck attack and kissed my cheek then like zoomed out if the building.

Sometimes when he does things im assuming is "too far" he apologizes. Like his his hand went to far down my back or if he hugged me a little too long or if be sniffed me.


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What Guys Said 2

  • im pretty sure he's a fuckboy

  • It's like physical flirting and he seems to really like you so yeah I think he would definitely want to date you


What Girls Said 1

  • This is wildly inappropriate workplace behavior.

    • but other than that; it's him taking liberties with little regard for normal boundaries. It means he has very little respect for you or your personal space and he sounds a little creepy.

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