I need advice on Tinder dates?

So.. I've been using Tinder for a very long time. And I already have met a lot of guys. But it never worked out.
So last night I met someone on Tinder and he was very enthusiastic about meeting me. We were supposed to meet a few hours ago, but he didn't show up.. And I can't reach him.
Now I can't help but think that I'm doing something wrong. Because it never works out.

I know Tinder is not a good app to meet people but I'm kind of socially awkward, so dating sites are easier for me.

So my question is:
What am I doing wrong? Is it even my fault that it never works out?
Any advice is welcome :)


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  • maybe you look too attractive and hot to those guys and those guys are afraid to see you face to face


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  • If you want to find high-quality guys that have potential for a relationship... get off of a hook-up site like Tinder


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  • Tinder is terrible to find decent guys. I would hate to say it but to be frank, he might have matched with a girl he has more interest in.
    Thing is: most guys go on tinder to hook up with girls so you will most likely never find a quality guy on hookup sites like tinder. I suggest going out with your friends and have some fun. You'll definitely meet guys and as you get comfortable with the guy you will get less socially awkward around him.

  • Learn how to become confident and overcome your insecurities. It's super simple. It just requires you to change your thought patterns/perceptions

    • Easier said than done :)

    • True. But it's definitely possible. If you struggle with self esteem/confidence I would highly suggest reading about "self compassion"

  • Better get a hobby meet people associated with same hobbies , join a club. These things help in socializing and finding better person. Tinder is just for casual hookups. U will rarely find any serious guy in these apps.


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