Does it sound like she's into me?

So, I've been chatting to this girl on Facebook for about two years now. She added me through mutual friends. She's stated in the past that she likes to get to know someone before they start dating. We both have social anxiety

Our conversations can range from anything to what's going on in her life to current affairs. I'm in a group chat with three other girls. A lot of the time it's just me and this girl talking.

She'll send selfies to the group chat of her outfits on nights out etc. Or she'll send daily updates of what she's doing. she's felt comfortable opening up to me about her anxiety her awkwardness/weirdness her childhood.

She's quite shy /introverted. She's been flirty recently. We recently met face-to-face a while back. I noticed that she was playing with her hair a lot, could be nerves here? She recently said that she was shocked at herself she can be quite awkward at first meetings.

But she felt at ease chatting with me. She even tripped a few times when we met, is clumsy being a sign that a shy girl likes you? I don't know. We've arranged to meet up again in a few months time she said she'll take me to her favourite coffee place as long as it's not too hipster for me which I assured her it wouldn't. She was glad that we met up.

She's always messaging me letting me know she's home safe if she's on nights out or going back home from to her folks from uni. The other day she felt more comfortable discussing her weirdness with me saying "I'm on the same level as her"
Also she was teasing me when we first met like she was on the train. I was coaching it up. She saying "I'm winning" "sucker" stuff like that


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  • I think she considers you a friend. I don't think she sees you as a potential love interest.


What Guys Said 1

  • Man up. Lead. Choose a night: know what she likes for food. Pick things. Don't be afraid to make decisions. You'll be alright. Just don't place expectations on the outcome. Treat it as "practice


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