Does this sound like he was asking me out on a date or just a hang out?

He's kinda shy I think so I tried to imply asking him out subtly, I don't now if his reply was a friendly gesture or he's interested in seeing it with me/date gesture.

Here's the exact messages.
Me: "by the way have you seen the resident evil series?"
Him: Yeah i have except the final chapter
Me: Oh ya it just came out few days ago, I need to find a time to go see it
Him: I do too though Im busy this week, I could see it Wednesday or Thursday when im not working im not too sure yet
Me: ou ya if you dont work lets catch the movie together
Him: yes we should! what day would work for you?
Me: hmm thurs works better for me
Him: okay sounds good!

It never happened because I was really sick and then we never scheduled it either.


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