Am I friendzoning him? Or is he really just a very good friend?

This is gonna be kinda long so brace yourselves!

I'm in university and I have a friend there who is just one of the nicest, most helpful people I know. He really is always there for me. We take a lot of difficult classes together (calculus, algebra, analytic geometry, vector mechanics etc) and given that he's much more intelligent than me, he is always helping me out. He often goes out of his way to explain something to me, solve an exercise I'm having problems with, send me pictures of his notes etc. Whenever we hang out (in a group of friends) he always picks me up and drives me back home so I can go too. Even when I got drunker than I should have and vomited all over at a party, he drove me home safely and made me take an Advil. Honestly, sometimes I feel bad because he does everything for me and I have nothing to give back.

I talk a lot about him to my other friends -- 'X is gonna pick me up', 'I'm having lunch with X', 'X and I are in the library studying', etc. These friends say that he doing so much for me isn't normal, that he cares about me in other ways. I'm not sure how to feel about that.
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  • It sounds like your both good freinds. If there are feelings on either side I can't really tell from that. However if you do like him tell him, and see if he wants to take your freindship to the next level.
    I do a lot for my female freind but I do it cause I'm just a good freind.
    The only way to find out if he likes you is to talk with him about it. Communication is the key to any relationship even freindship. If it turns out you like him and your just a freind to him then the freindship will probably get stronger after you get over him.
    People will gossip and talk. Twice they talked me into trying with my close female freind. Both times I sadly lost her cause of it. Those were two different girls by the way.
    Try it and see if anything comes out of it. Good luck


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  • Good friend


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  • Even if you think he isn't attractive, but you obviously like his personality a lot, I'd consider dating him if i were you. He obviously cares about you a lot and all!

  • Your story is the perfect length, by the way. All I see is super nice guy, but that doesn't mean feelings aren't there either.


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