How to prove I like him legitimately?

So my guy friend seems to think I like his guy friend, even though I told him I do. His friend asked him why, and he said it's because all I do with him is make fun of his masculinity, how he sucks with girls, how I share food with his guy friends but not him, and during class how I prefer talking with his guy friend rather than him, and how I tell him to kill himself. I'm just joking with him. Anyways today I was going to talk with his guy friend and he randomly asked me "How long are you going to keep this joke up?". I told him I wasn't joking about me liking him, but he still thinks I am. I would like to prove him wrong, how do I do that?


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  • Ignore him for about a year. That should convince the guy.


What Girls Said 1

  • Kiss him unexpectedly. That will prove him wrong.


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