Is he worth my time?

I met this guy well over a while ago, and he approached me to dance and we hit it off then.
After getting to know each other at this dance that is every Friday I asked for his snapchat because he is in college and he was going home for a while and we began to talk more. He confessed his feelings to me "we'd make a cute couple, I'm falling hard for you." Stuff like that he'd say. After talking on Snapchat, he vanished after he got back to school.. but he did say he was busy before he stopped talking to me. we had a 30 day streak. And he just stopped talking to me and I fell for this kid. I was so sad for a while then he began to talk to me again. And he asked if I was mad at him. I said no I understand you're busy with school. But he said he had a lot going on at home. He lives like 20 minutes away from college he's a RA, but he's never taken me out on a date... should I move on?


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  • consider time as a factor in this, because nowadays is not like the days then when you would be assured of something even when everything seemed wrong, in this case pursue him and see where it leads up to, for as long as it doesn't end up being abusive

    • It doesn't add up, he never took me out. He just seems like he's keeping me but not wanting to pursue me.. I don't know anymore. I give up. This is fucking hard.

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    • I don't know to be honest.

    • alternatively he might also be showing the "I am not interested in you" kind of gesture, and if it is so then let him be you dont need to stress

  • Yes, no interest from his side. Just talk.


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