Should I leave him alone?

I met a guy online and we went out several times though I haven't seen him in a month or so. We never had a falling out and still text occasionally. I don't want to blow it off because I did like him but I don't want to be clingy/desperate either. He says his work has been crazy since the first of the year so I've been giving him plenty of space. Should I wait for him to contact me if he wants to?


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  • I just had that happen. Then he updated his fb to show he had been in a relationship for 2 months :(
    I would be actively seeing other people while waiting on him.

    • Seems to be pretty common these days. I don't get why people don't just come out and say what they're thinking!

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    • Oh girl that's nothing but a hookup site. That and Tinder nothing but a place to cruise for a quick lay. I met mine through Christian mingle (go freaking figure).

    • I'm currently so busy (and over it!) I'm taking a break. I find myself frequently wishing I could date my gay friends, I love them and they're so thoughtful!

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