What does it mean when a girl asks a guy for his number? Also, what should I do at this point?

This girl and I are always flirting and so, I decided to man up and ask her out. She seemed excited and asked for my number as well as texting me right there on the spot to see if the number was legit. The next day, I texted her and she responded quickly and we had a nice small chat. I asked what her plans were for Friday and she gave me an honest answer (as she wasn't lying because she does intern). She then asked me and I told her that I was busy as well. Just wondering if she is just being friendly or if she wants me to chase her or not? Me and her have tended to flirt A LOT and be around each other so much so that, others at my job picked up on it and, I just feel a strong attraction.


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  • She likes you and is happy you're pursuing her

    • Thanks for the input. What do I do at this point? I want to take things slow.

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    • No problem and good luck hope it goes well 👍

    • I hope so too. Thanks again!

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  • She actually sounds interested, but I am not a 100% sure...

    • I am not 100% sure either. Is there any alternative signs that I should be looking for?

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