First date?

what would make a good first date ..but you don't want anything to go wrong...?


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  • well it depends on how old you are and how much money you have lol but it syas ur under 18 so since ur a teen ill give you some ideas on a budget :)

    1) classic movie and dinner (very safe from disaster and can be fun)

    2) amusement park ( really fun but bad things can easily happen lol)

    3) you could go to the beach if you live near water and eat lunch or dinner in a seaside place

    4) skating, bowling or something similar is always fun

    5) a short hike (or long lol) with a picnic at the end :)

    for me I always my boyfriend always takes me to random places for dates lol like our first (back when I was 15 lol) he took me to chuckie cheese and then subway and it was by far my favorite he's ever taken me on lol it was amazing and btw even if the place sucks and a bunch of stuff goes wrong what really matters is who your with so good luck :)

    • Thank you so much for answering my question..and yez I'm bout to be 18 in lez dan a month and my boyfriend is bout to be 21..but yea ill keep ur answer in my head..and yea chukee chese wow I love that place still I take my broder and sister there..lolz.. but yea itz the thought that matterz..thankz

    • Np lol have fun :)

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  • Your question doesn't make sense.

    • It makez perfect scence

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    • Well datz how I spell..if you dnt like it then I'm sry..

    • Go back to Mexico

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