He got drunk and told me he isn't as serious about our relationship as I am?

A few weeks ago, the guy I've been seeing and I went out with friends and drank. We started talking, and he began to tell me "I just feel you're thinking further ahead than I am. That you're much more serious than I am. But I don't want you to think I'm not serupts about. I am, but I'm not at the same time". I had gotten super upset about this. He told me before I dropped him off "don't take what I said to heart. I'm just super lit right now".

But, ever since he said that, I feel super hurt and insecure. It's been maybe 3 weeks since this happened.

We aren't official, but I feel as if I'll give him one more month before I ask for more commitment.

But im not sure. Wasn't there SOME truth to what he said?
My bad typo: "I don't want you to think I'm not serious. I am serious. But I'm not at the same time"
He texted me that night too and said "please don't take what I said seriously. Don't take it to heart"

But like what? Don't take that to heart? I'm not sure how someone couldn't. Perhaps it's where he doesn't want me. But doesn't want to lose me.


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  • I always say there's some truth to things like that, I know when I drunk text someone I say exactly whats on my mind. I would ask at what point does he see y'all getting serious or what has to happen, and if he doesn't see that happening and you want it to happen I would ask whats the point. These days you have to be straight up with people. I ask guys what's the plan sometimes just to see what's happening so I dont waste my time

    • I have tried to ask him about it. But he isn't giving us the opportunity to talk about it. If I bring it up, he tells me I'm focusing on the negatives and gets upset with me.

    • Yea you said it right

    • Reword it or something say its important to you that you wanna talk ab it. If he sees y'all as anything he should put his pride aside and talk ab it at least even if y'all aren't in too deep, he sounds scared lol

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