Should I talk to the girl I like everyday?

We've been talking for about 4 weeks, I'd say everyday but for different lengths of conversation, facetiming for a couple hours just enjoying eachother, texting, tagging on fb etc. We have been getting along great, I went to a club with her on the weekend and it was the first time we've kissed, and it was all awesome signs after, her thanking me for the best night ever, now we're seeing a movie Friday, is it better to go a day without talking than trying to force a conversation out of nothing? Does this give her more of a chance to miss me? I've read on a few forums that I shouldn't talk to the girl I like everyday, p. s the club was the first time we met in person and they're was an instant spark, I feel like I should still message her but save all the decent conversations for in person, but more knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated :) im not really sure what topic to put this under either!


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  • No. She will get the impression that you are clingy and that you have no other stuff to do apart from talking to her.


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  • I was with you till you said the club was the first time you met in person. You need to put your phone down, and get out there and meet people face to face!

    • First time we met in person talked online for about 4 weeks beforehand

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