Guy wants to meet at a hotel and then apologizes? Should I run?

Okay this guy I met online asked to be my valentine date. I thought how cute, nothing serious and whatever.
He has work and he's actually swamped. He's been texting me everyday... saying good morning and goodnight. However the first day he text me he said I think it would be perfect to go out to eat, watch a movie, drink wine and go to a hotel. You on the bed and me on the couch. I pressed the breaks and asked are you looking for a hookup? He said no, he's looking for a girlfriend and he never really dated before. I started to stop texting a bit.. he said sorry, I didn't mean to sound like I want you as a sex object. I'm a bit weird hence why I've never had a girlfriend. Other than that fiasco he asks how my day is.. sends the good morning and night text, compliments me, says he likes me.
While all of this is cute and too good to be true... should I be weary? We are supposed to meet this weekend but he says he has a friends birthday party so we will try next week. He's a big weird.. and I like weird but should I watch out for him? Other than that situation he doesn't make me feel nervous or that he judges me. He says my personality and appearance is unique and he likes it.
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  • just use the same caution you would meeting/dating anyone else. Probably a good idea to meet up in the day time somewhere public the first time you guys get together though. If you're just worried and want to be safe give a friend/family member his phone number and text them a pic of his licence plate number right when you first meet.

    He seems fine to me from what you've said..

    • I think so too but that hotel comment he made had me feeling really weird lol

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    • that makes sense, it sucks being the only one doing any chasing.

    • I would put in effort if I know he's definitely interested but I've only talked to him for 2 days. He sent me a snap this morning but hasn't talked to me all day so I'm guessing he lost interest.

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  • Warning signs on blast

    • Yup. As soon as he suggested hotel twice I stopped. But then he came back. Either he has no game or he really hasn't had a girlfriend before. Or he's trying to smooth talk his way in. Which isn't really working bringing a hotel in.

    • Or he is insane

    • He stopped texting me today though.
      I guess he lost interest that I'm not an easy bed lay.

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  • doesn't sound like he's anything to worry about from what you've said. But you should always be careful as fuck meeting people from the internet. meet somewhere busy, have a friend call you with an "emergency " if it gets too weird for you.

    Good luck though, i hope it goes well for you 👍

    • Yeah I know.
      We did talk on the phone the first time so I've heard his voice. He seems cool and we've been texting now. I've been playing it really cool and letting him come to me rather than me chasing which I usually do.

  • I don't know. I'd say use caution if you decide to go through with it. But I wouldn't blame you or be surprised for running. Meeting in a hotel this early in the relationship is a rather red flag to me, only because it doesn't sound like you've even gone on a first date with him. You need to go on a few dates at least (in my opinion) before you consider a weekend at a hotel - at least to find out what kind of guy you're dealing with.

    • I know...
      we did talk over the phone though. So I've heard his voice but that's not enough for me. I'll proceed with caution and have him come to me. I don't want to chase and if he's interested he will let me know.

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    • The guy stopped texting me today.
      I wonder what happened?
      He seemed so interested but now he's no where to be found. Hm

    • I don't know. Maybe he was in a car accident. Maybe he had a really busy or bad day at work and needs time to himself.

  • bring the boys! (if you're a redneck)


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