Boyfriend stopped texting!! ??

Me and my boyfriend used to text each other a lot. .but I have noticed these days, that he texts me less (texts me when I text him). . he told me once that he is not that into texting. .over all he is super nice:) I am really happy but why would he suddenly stop texting me as he used to ? he calls me everyday, meets me everyday. .i am not doubting at him but just wondering why he stopped texting with me? What should I do?


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  • I don't think there's anything you should do cos there doesn't seem to be anything wrong here.

    Pretty much everyone at the start of a relationship they do things which they don't necessarily carry on doing throughout the relationship, at the beginning its all fresh and new and exciting! I'm not saying its any less exciting after a while but maybe he sees it as a way to save all he has to say until he sees you :)

    You've got a guy who loves you and sees you and calls you everyday so I wouldn't worry about lack of texting chick :)


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