Does this situation sound like he just wants sex? How do I turn it around?

So I went on two dates with this guy: one last Thurs and then the following weekend. They were good dates and we spent a lot of time together out and about. Anyway, we slept together on the 2nd date, which I immediately regretted the morning after but didn't show it. We've been in touch but his messages have mostly been of a sexual nature. So yeah, I know I made a mistake of sleeping with him too soon but it happened. Nothing I can do. It's too early to say how much I like him, but I'd be willing to see him again but only to get know each other more as we get on really well. Essentially, I'm not after a friends with benefits situation, which I know is hypocritical, so how do I communicate this to him? This may fail or it may not. I was thinking of just backing off a bit and not responding to the sexual messages and try and turn conversation around to other things. He probably doesn't see me as girlfriend material, so is there anyway of slowly turning this around? If sex is all he's after, should I just ignore him or just tell him outright I'm not looking for that?


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  • This might be awful advice but just tell him. That way there is no question about what everyone wants and you guys can either move forward and get to know one another more or back off.

    • As much as I'd like too... I think that would come across as needy and insecure on my part. Don't want to make him feel I regret sleeping with him or make him feel awkward... the only thing I regret is the timing. I think this was my mistake, and I'm probably flogging a dead horse with trying to turn things around.

  • Yeah it does


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