Why is he texting me a lot less and with less interest suddenly?

We spent 4 weeks texting almost non stop, and now after our second date, which lasted all Saturday, he's texting me a lot less. On top of that I ask him questions, and he answers but doesn't ask me anything back (which he used to do a lot). He also no longer initiates the conversation. He said he enjoyed our date a lot but this behavior is making me question it a lot...

And no we did not have sex, only made out.


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  • he either got comfortable or is distracted by something in his life at the moment. ride it out and see what happens.

    • But do you think he's still into me though? He keeps saying he likes being around me, that I'm smart, compliments small things...

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    • oh he might be stiff arming you. you should give him some space.

    • Thanks for the advice. I will just leave him alone and wait for him to contact me.

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  • Because he has started to lose interest and because he might think that your texts have gotten repetitive.


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