Girls, My confusion about what she wants?

There is a woman I like. She is two years younger than me.

I first flew out to visit her last September. Then for her birthday last month.

Both trips, when we went out to dinner and/or a movie, I paid for it every time because I felt I should.

She told me I could kiss her, hug her, or hold her hand. I had told her I was initially afraid to (no I am not having a mid-life crisis) because she previously had said 'no sex'. So I started to think hugging, kissing, and holding hands were also off limits. She said they weren't.

She wants me to call her. But she has said several times that she doesn't know what to say on the phone.

Also, She rarely goes on the computer.

So what is your opinion?


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  • I think she likes you and really wants to be with you... maybe she just don't know how to do all this stuff


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