Why would the friend of an ex I was seeing contact me to find out what happened between me and him?

I had been seeing this guy for about six weeks. Things were great but it was obvious it wasn't going to work as he was much more inclined towards his bachelor lifestyle. So we parted ways. To cheer myself up one evening I went on tinder just to swipe a few times as suggested by my
friend. The photo of his friend came up and I thought I'd see out of curiousity whether we matched. We did, which made me laugh. He said he had been shown a picture of me by his friend. But then he wanted to know what happened with us, did he sleep with me and then dump me etc. Said how he was the nicer, better looking one etc. After a bit of banter about bachelors he said he didn't think we could date as it was so soon after his friend and I was surprised he said that cos I hadn't been thinking that way at all! Then carried on talking normally. Can anyone shed light on this for me? I've never had that from the friend of someone I'd been seeing before!
He also asked at the beginning was i planning on seeing his friend again, which i completely forgot about!


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  • Maybe he wanted to know if you guys still are together


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