What do u think of my love concept??

To me, i won't have emotion impulse. i will keep observing who really deserves being loving. Once im sure, i will only love her. Even if we are impossible, i will keep praying for her, wishing her happiness and never change.


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  • 👌 how do u know she deserves loving? have u ever had a gf? its quite mature for a 16 year old..

    • at least she must be loyal, respect others and kind.

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    • How would u define that? based on loyalty in a world of betrayal.. respect when people judge you on looks rather than character.. kindness only for those who have money...
      I'm an idealistic.. I see love as what it should be like rather than what people makes u believe it it... but nowadays it's becoming more and more of a myth found in movies..

      so I conclude by:
      true love is the love of a mother to her children

    • sincerely it's awesome to find someone like u.. idealistic about love.. but I believe we are only a few...

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  • Strange but it makes sense.. I wish for happiness for my ex boyfriends.

  • Awww


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  • usually only happens in stories. if you can make it happen, it would be wonderful.