Why does it take so long for love to come by?

I don't get it? it literally makes no sense, I really wish there was an equation for this

I don't know some thing like "your kindness mutliplied by your height" or some thing

cause what allows some one to find love before another?

It really sucks that the ones who need love the most, wait the longest.


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  • but it is worth waiting


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  • Buddy, you are 16. The journey has just begun. If you think now it's hard, maan do I have a surprise for you! :D

    • yeah but that's exactly my point, why doesn't some one find their "one" at the age of I don't know 7 years old

      why does it take longer for others

      what is the hecking science behind this

    • No science. Different people, different lives, different circumstances, different choices, different outcomes.

    • guess so :/ would be nice if there was some sort of science behind it

      but lmao, being the dumbo that I am, Id still screw it up :D

  • Because you are 16. Love yourself instead of looking for it from someone else

    • that has nothing to do with my question though?

      I don't exactly love myself, I am not that narcissistic

      but that's not the point though

      read the question and try again perhaps?

    • How this? 99.9999% of people who ask these questions have no self-esteem. Nobody wants to be around someone who has no self-esteem. Especially women, why do you think women like "jerks?" Because they aren't necessarily bad people, but they go after what they want with charisma and confidence and women like that. There is no equation because not everybody is the same.

    • I have my self esteem (Incase you're implying I don't have mine)

      and I guess your right :/

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