Why can't I call, what's the problem?

This guy and I used to talk all the time 24/7 no matter what time of day it was. Now if I call late at night he would ask why am I calling that late... Why would he say that if we would always talk no matter what time it was and especially if we are up texting late? Very suspicious to me.


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  • I'd ask him outright" why he asked , because its's never bothered him before. So why the change of heart "

    • He wouldn't even give me an answer the times I've asked

  • why would you call him late at night with no reason? that's creepy

    • so people can't call just to call even if its to hera the other persons voice? ook then.

    • lmao call him in the morning or afternoon, not at midnight 😂

    • but what's the problem in me doing that is my question. If we used to talk all hours of the day why is it a problem now? Especially if we're texting late at night, whats the problem in me calling.

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