Guys and gals: if the person you're dating says this to you, what does this mean to you or how should I take it?

"I didn't say that we must just be friends, what I was trying to say is at the very least If we don't end up together, we should still stay friends, not that it's where i want things to go."


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What Guys Said 2

  • Usually people who go straight into dating without starting off as friends , bestfriends and they break up afterwards they never talk to each other ever again. Which means what this person is trying to say is that they like you so much that if such a bad thing were to happen (break up) they want you in their life still.

    • If just feels like a downgrade, it's also like they didn't want you enough to continue on as a relationship

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    • Omg yay! 🙂

    • :) 👍

  • sounds like I'm the backup plan and I'd leave cause I ain't gonna be nobody's backup option.

    • Exactly right? Even if it was Long distance?

    • yup. it shows a lack of confidence in the relationship.

What Girls Said 1

  • It means that the specific person wants to be close to you even as friends even if things don't work out between you as a couple.

    • "If we don't end up together" the thing is, when he was saying this we weren't in a relationship, we didn't have a title..

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