Tips for guy friend meeting mom for the first time?

So I'm 18 and I've been talking to this guy since November. He's 24 and in grad school while I am a freshman in college. I have never had a boyfriend before/guy friend in a while, so this is all new to me. He's caring, funny, and understanding. My mom was against at first because of the age difference. But now she wants to see him. I don't want to date right now so we're just taking it slow. I'm just worried what my mom is going to say. I'm Nigerian and lol our parents don't play. I also just hope that he's not scared off. Hm.


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  • Have him dress nice & be polite towards her. All guys will be nervous about meeting their girlfriend's or female friend's mom, it's normal. All he has to do is act like himself & be honest as possible but also ask her questions; get to know her as well. Find things in common or ask her about her family background, make her laugh. Definitely don't have him do things that aren't him. Be real.

    • Yeah. Thanks. I just told him what to expect, like the kind of questions she's gonna ask.

  • You should hire an adult film star to pretend to be your mom.


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  • Just introduce him to your mother. If he's polite and well-mannered, odds are that she is going to like him. Stop being so stressed over it.


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