Should I date a playboy?

I met him 3 years ago and he fell in love with me since then, I actually liked him too the first year. He was a nice and funny guy, I really loved his personality then, but, at the beginning of the second year he suddenly dated a popular and beautiful girl, they even kissed and called each other baby and stuff, she really changed him, he became a real playboy, he tried to take a step back from me, but than his friend fell in love with me and I with him and the player broke up with his girlfriend and acted like he love me again, somehow, it end with his friend, and now, I feel like losing myself, he (the playboy) acts like the perfect boyfriend, but now, he look at other girls while he love me, he stare and talk about girls body all day long, I really hate these kind of guys.
But he really likes me and I feel so for him, and maybe I'll feel better if I date him.

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I know that it seems like he doesn't love me, but he said it himself all these years and always stopped me before I answered him, he may look sometimes at other girls but when they tell him they love him he rejectes them, he even rejected hot and pretty girls saying he only loves me


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  • He does NOT love you LMAO seriously, he doesn't, if he did, he'd be all over you, and you wouldn't be asking this question.
    Stop believing the bullshit that he loves you, because he doesn't.

    If he's your priority, but you're not his, then reject him.


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  • Just reject him he is a player he is going to look at other girls and talk about other girls even when he is dating you. You are going to get hurt, reject him.


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  • He talks about other women's body? He obviously doesn't love you.

  • A playboy? You probably think you can change him but you're just another bang


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