Girl says she is not flirting, just being cute, why?

I decided "what the heck" let's just message this girl I went on two-three dates with (but she broke it off) to see where it goes because it is Valentine.

Please give me your thoughts on this text convo:

Me: A picture of an envelop with a heart.
She (instantly): texts me an emoji of a kiss back.
Me: kiss

----silence for hours---
Me: That was a cheeky kiss you know ^^ ;)
She (instant) : haha, no problem ;)

Me (hours later): I would almost say you are flirting with me.
She (instantly): No, what would you want me to send you a mean message back then?
Me: I just messaged you that envelope for fun. The kiss was cute though. But alright.
She: Yea I wanted to be cute :)

So she says she is not flirting, but just wants to be "cute". Shall I see where it goes or just stop messaging her?


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  • see where it goes
    she wouldn't bother being cute if she wasn't interested at all


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