I got back with and ex boyfriend but... his weight has become a HUGE problem?

So I am seeing an ex, we just drifted away. His weight has gone up at least by 120 pounds. Right now he's probably at 430-460. When I met him he was big but not big where it was an issue. his belly hangs maybe mid thigh and he can't talk to me without choking at all. I slept over and I didn't even sleep cos he kept snoring and choking in his sleep. The first reason I broke up with him was because he refused to be active with me. And now I have him another chance and I am regretting it. I'm not the smallest person I carry 40 pounds more than I should but I see we can better each other as a couple but he makes excuses. I'll be like let's go walking and he'll go, "well I'll bitch and complain but it's healthy for me" and I tell him drink more water, but when we go out or at home he's always on soda or very sweetened tea or coffee. Then we go out and we'll split up the food hell but me on blast and say, "don't eat all that" or even say hurtful things like, "don't worry food is replaceable" should I break it off before we get further I feel he takes me for granted. 💔


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  • He's 430-460? That's incredibly unhealthy. You need to break it off due to the fact that he doesn't seem keen to improve his situation.


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  • This is why you never try to reconcile with an ex. All you have to do is look on this site and you'll see unanimous advice saying give up its over never look back and that you won't be friends either


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