If a girl gave her # happily, texted a lot the first night, then hardly ever replies or texts but when she does it's very genuine what does it mean?

As you can tell I'm confused, either way I'm going to ask her out for dinner sometime tomorrow. Even if we haven't texted in days
I mean does that mean she is interested as more? Or isn't?


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  • she's interested in you but busy

    • Okay I asked her to dinner today, she hesitated said 'I'm busy alot' and I gave her an out saying 'hey if you don't want too it's no big deal I'm not the kind of guy to let it get awkward if you're not interested' and she said something like 'no I don't mind Dinner whats your schedule look like?' We talked and agreed Saturday night at an Applebee's would be good, we talked about other details like if I was picking her up or meeting there and then we decided that stuff could be talked over Friday after class beforehand, I joked a bit and got her to laugh a little and said I'd see her later.

      So I mean was that good? Bad? If she was going to back out she would have taken the out I gave her right?

  • She is happy texting you

    • Then why has she only replied to like 3 messages in like 4 days?

    • Does that mean she is interested in more maybe it isn't?

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