What do I do/say?

So I'm friends with this girl, for some years now.
I like her a lot, and the last time we were together, we talked about our problems and private stuff. She seemed very down, she was almost crying.. This was 4 days ago..
Now I sent her a message saying I was a bit worried with her, and if we could meet outside her place for a minute. She answered me, "but what's worrying you?"...
What a hell do I say now? I just wanted to check on her, cos I'm genuianly worried..
Please help!


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  • Just be honest with her. You're worried bout her cause she was down & looked like she was bout to cry. What kind of a person would you be if you didn't check up on her after seeing that. Tell her you were worried & care about her; as someone that cares, was making sure everything is alright. Be straight with her


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  • Tell her the truth.


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  • check on her be the friend you should be to her try to be their for her


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