What mistakes not to make or do when your into a person who is LDR?

what's soemthing not to do or screw up in a long distance relationship. her and i live in different states. we met online but she has family here. so she'll be coming back and forth. any tips or suggestions? she seems intrested. and weve been talking together for about a week and half. consistently. and also she's my valentines. and i got her gifts as well. any texting suggestions?

Were not in a relationship yet. Were just talking/shwoing interest in each other.


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  • Don't take days or weeks without texting them. Don't talk about other people that you know in real life especially other girls (if she's the jealous type) DO's: Text her everyday, tell her how much she means to you/how you feel about her, chat with her online, video chat, talk on the phone. There's this website called rabb. it where you can browse the internet together and watch movies with each other it's pretty cool and fun me and my boyfriend are in long distance relationship and we are always on there for hours. If not there's also a website called watch2gether where you can watch youtube videos together. (both sites are in real time). There's also a website called omgmobc where you guys can both play games online together.


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  • Take a step back. You don't know each other and you've only been talking for a week and a bit? And it's all Valentines and planning trips back and forth? Slow down and get perspective.

    • well we made it clear to each other. about the valentines thing

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    • yeah. well she has some fsmily in my state. shell be here in a couple of weeks

    • You're not approaching the situation with any rationality whatsoever.

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