All Women who flirt already have boyfriends?

What I have experienced in dating world,
Is, if a woman flirts with you and she knows all the tricks in the book like -
Playing with hair , touching you, rubbing against you, etc

Usually, these types of women already have boyfriends or have a bunch of guys lined up as replacements, and dating such women is just a pain in the @ss because you always have to doubt her loyalty, and such women are just good for hook ups,

What should you do?
  • Yea, most women who flirt smoothly already have boyfriends or a bunch of dudes, these women are good for hook ups but not a serious relationship. They won't be loyal.
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  • No, flirting is an art , even single women use it. Although, the better she is at flirting the more experienced she is in this field.
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  • Other ( I want to raise my own comments )
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  • I play with my hair & touch people when I talk to them, but it's not a " trick" in any way. It's habit - just something I do without thinking.


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