Ignored on Valentine's, help?

We were seeing each other before Christmas, things ended, as I believed he was chatting to other girls.
He wouldn't deny it, we weren't official so it wasn't as if he couldn't, I just wondered where I stood and he just kept avoiding the question saying he didn't want drama. we still talked for a bit but it whitered out. I said I understood why he didn't want to hangout. He would initiate conversations but wouldn't reply when I spoke back, so I deleted his number and deleted him off Facebook. One he tried iniating conversation again I ignored him the way he ignored me. I thought some space would make things better and give each other time to settle. He's been liking my stuff on Instagram still so I thought today after a few weeks of not really speaking to just snap him happy Valentine's. Well you guess it no heya back or nothing just still stalking my Instagram and not wanting to talk to me? What is going on?


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  • You poisoned your relationship. Congratulations.

    • How did I poision it? it turned out He was talking to other girls and lying about it? I wanted to make sure we were on the same page? When he ignored me why would i run after someone who didn't want to talk, the natural thing to do would be to give him space?

    • And not only talking but creeping on girls he met on Tinder

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  • why is he obligated to reply. you were both are ignoring each other so.

    • That's fine then why stalk my Instagram?

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  • You broke up he doesn't have to reply back people hate games

    • But he was the one playing games? How long did he expect me to keep playing them? You would be annoyed too if someone started conversations with you then ignored your reply? Repeatedly? I deleted him to give him space and not overwhelm him. And the next time he messaged me yea I ignored him, because I'm not going to run after someone every time they say boo? Especially since it turned out he was speaking to other girls?

    • Hey I feel you I wouldn't of even talked to him again but it could also be he was busy and now he's bored just leave it alone find someone new or be alone

  • sounds like an immature game to me

    • That's what I thought, but why would I run after someone who would start a conversation and drop it? I'm not going to play his game, if someone wants space I'll give it to them, I'm not going to drop everything and run after him when he say so? Especially when it has come out he did have other girls on the go?

    • nope , just leave the guy alone and find someone you can take seriously...
      you will be much happier by doing so

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