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So me and my girlfriend are still a bit fresh (7months) but I find myself with some issues... Background info, I'm pretty understanding on all levels but I find myself a bit scorned still from past relationships... Ex of course cheated and would always be funny when using her phone... Keep turned away when texting or checking who's calling, and of course for a reason... I try so hard to start clear minded, took good while before trying again but my girlfriend now does samething... She said she doesn't do it intentionally, also asked and she said it was not something from habit in previous relationships for her or anything.. No its never just sometimes, it's any and every time, she will turn her body or stretch or just slide it away... I just want to know am I noticing it because my past and making something out of nothing... Or do you feel I have a valid reason for concern? Feel so stupid, but want some opinion so can just leave it alone or not...


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  • It's likely that you are primed to notice it from your past relationships. I make it my habit to announce who has called or texted me. By doing this it encourages my partner to do the same.
    I don't need to know what he is texting about, but it makes me feel more included in his life if we can share external conversations and funny anecdotes.

    Talk to your girlfriend, maybe you can come to an agreement where both of you are open about it. You won't feel the need to see her phone and she won't feel her privacy is pressured.


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