WHy Would A Guy Do This?

So there's this guy who acts like he likes me but he only does so when we are alone but in front of other people he acts like we're just friends and all chill. Like he would hold my hand and be close to me when we are alone. But in front of others he is normal. He is someone who I met a few months ago. We live in the same area


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  • He doesn't want anybody else to know probably. He feels comfortable with you and knows he can hold your hand and he'll get a positive reaction. He doesn't know what sort of reaction he'll get if there's a group of people around him. This isn't uncommon.
    Does this guy have a reputation for being an asshole or a player? If not I would just assume he likes you but he's shy about telling people (which he'd basically be doing if he were to hold your hand)


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  • he's ashamed to be gay, most likely because of family and the people around him not supporting it.


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