Girls giving out numbers?

Would a girl give you her number if she wasn't the slightest bit interested? Basically (don't judge me) I was on tinder and saw a girl in one of my college classes and liked her. We matched and she messaged me "hmm" like a minute later. We started messaging a little bit and eventually I asked for her number so I wouldn't have to keep going on the app to message her. I've talked to her a little bit in class before but I mean it's a big class so if she wouldn't wanna feel awkward she could move to the other side of the room.
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What Girls Said 2

  • i remember being in a club and a creepy guy was trying to get my number so i gave him my old number... but what i usually do is say my phone broke so i dont have a working number. i hate just flat out turning a guy down, i feel guilty.

    • But she gave me her number? I posted an updated version of this because she randomly texted me kind of out of no where not too long ago. I think she might be into me honestly.

  • Sounds like she probably is.


What Guys Said 1

  • Considering the fact that tinder is a site for hook ups and meeting partners, I highly highly doubt she would give you her number if she wasn't interested.

    Talk to her in person. Get to know her.


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