Guys are so trash? Why do you act like this?

I've been talking to this guy and he wanted to date me, but he lives in another country. Told him it was going to be hard to date like that, trust issues, times difference (I have them and I let him know all that) well he said everything was going to ve fine and it would work out if we truly want it.
Well I accepted dating him last Saturday but since then he replies after 8 hours with only one wors but he's there stalking all my IG pics and watching my snaps.
So my thing's that why does he ask me out if he's going to ignore me later?
I want to tell him he should not even reply me again instead of every 8 hours one word and we shouldn't talk anymore and I regret accepting dating him tbh
Someone understands this behaviour should pls explain because I don't


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  • its pretty shitty of you to judge someone without knowing the motive of his actions. but it's even shitier that you're dropping it all on us guys. are you serious? you're the one who chose to date him. for all you know he may one day move into the country you live in and you might have a good life together. are you seriously gonna throw it away bc you want to assume? is it possible that maybe you're completely fine with dropping him bc you have a lot of guy friends lining up for you? hmmmm I guess I can blame all girls for being too judgmental too. I mean bc that's perfectly logical πŸ˜‚ (you get my point? talk to him. ask him why he's being so distant. ask him if there's something wrong. actually try to find the reason instead of assuming that he's ignoring you. and if you're regretting saying yes to a relationship with someone you probably should've gotten to know him better. )

    not to be offensive or hurt you but you should speak with him. how would we know what his circumstances are? its your relationship. and this behavior isn't a behavior that has a singular obvious reason. it would be impossible for me as a person that neither knows anything about his circumstances nor his personality. I'm srry.

    Best of luck Beautiful
    ps. again not all guys are the same. the next time you why do all guys _______... you should think about that. Especially since girls who say that type of thing about all guys usually become 30000% less attractive and 30000% more petty.

    • but again. I'm not calling you a shitty person or anything like that. I'm not trying to hurt you.

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    • Day-night
      Night -day
      Just because of that I stay awake during night, and even now that I'm off from work

    • Hey thought I'll come back to reply.
      Well I found out he's married, with a daughter and a girfriend (side chick) Now I see why he never had time for me when he was busy with lying to his wife and entertaining his girlfriend.

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  • Some people are just morons. It has nothing to do with him being a guy. It has everything to do with him being an idiot though. He probably enjoys the chase and he doesn't care after he obtains the object of affection.


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  • First: Don't generalize guys you trashbag.
    Second: A guy might not reply because he wants to take the time to reply with a well thought out and proper response.
    Third: Don't assume.

    • Well thought and proper response about "how are you doing? " didn't know it has to take hours for that

    • If you value what you could potentially get with the girl, it could take hours. If you really care that much and want to know for sure, you could always check him on that by straight up expressing how you felt about what he did. Oh wait, making yourself vulnerable, never mind I forgot that you're a girl.

    • I'm a girl, no offenses 😜

  • Please don't equate his behavior to that of all guys. He just happens to be an indecisive person. I'd suggest you move on from him.

  • 8 hours is a time frame for work. Maybe at work. But he's too far anyways

    • Night here, day time there and viceversa. He works at night. So I stay up at night only to have a chat with him.
      Even if it's 8 hours job time, he doesn't even reply after that

  • Are you still with him?

  • The reason you don't get it, is because the problem is with you.
    Not him. Move on, either say yes or no.
    If you say no, and decide against it, cut off all contact.
    Do not be an indecisive whiner.

  • no only the guy is the asshole here... i had a thing similar to this and we did make it properly... me and her had the best times of our lives doing this and we were together for a very long time... it had to end but dont think all guys are like this... some people are not worth it just like that guy!

    • Do you mean, at the beginning it was like my situation and you both talked it out and worked for a period of time? Or I understood wrong?

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    • 😊😊 thanks for that.

    • 😁😊

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