Ask him for his number in this way?

So there's this seller guy at this store I really have a crush on. And now I thought about giving him my number. It's a bit hard so that nobody sees but usually they ask
"Is everything alright?"
Then I'd say "No. It's a catastrophy."
"Can I help you?"
"Yes. Are you single?

I don't know but this is quite direct and a bit funny so maybe it's a good way. What would you think about a girl asking you in this way? I think he's also interested because he's starring at me every time I go shopping there and he even started saying hi to me with the cutest smile ever.


Most Helpful Guy

  • LoL
    It would be hard to say no if a girl said that to me.
    & also what goes in trying


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  • Are you going to fall in love with a seller guy? Is it worth pursuing him? Does he have the qualities that you want? I don't know. Be careful.


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  • He's working. It's his job to be nice to you. Leave him alone.

    • I wonder if the heads pay him to stalk me through the whole shop and smile as if they won a billion but ok thanks for nothing

    • Yeah they probably do. Have you ever read any of those "why working retail is hell" articles?

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