My ex-boyfriend is trying to get me back, but in a way where I don't want him and I feel uncomfortable. What do I do?

I know for a fact (he contacted my friend) that my ex-boyfriend wants me back. I met him with some other friends for valentines day yesterday and he tried to get close to me, make conversation on certain topics that concerned our relationship, and we all watched a movie and sat down next to me and he kept touching me and I was very uncomfortable. extremely.
He texted me during the movie if we could talk and i said sure. hoping he was not going to try something on me.
he asked me inside and talked to me only about our relationship and how he is sorry and shit and how he wants me back and I told him no the first time but he kept on pushing the conversation.
and eventually i got very confused with what I was saying and was implying to him.
i told him to show he has changed and then i will see, when i reality i won't consider it for sure.
He is a fuckboy, he cheated on me and he left me when i was suicidal.
and my parents dont' like him as he has fucked with many girls, done drugs and has gotten expelled.
but the thing is I am very weak as a person with a soft heart and and I don't know how to push him away, and i feel disgusting after him continusly touching me. And I don't know what I could do...
I really don't like him and I just feel so used, disgusted and filled with guilt.


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  • You have to try & leave him for good. He's playing with your emotions. He's probably doing all that to you cause he knows he can stop you from moving on and being happy. He's not worth the pain & misery all over again. You can find someone better who will treat you like his equal, take care of you, love you as a whole, help you grow as a person, be there by your side through all the rough times you'll encounter. It's your life; you should finding your happiness instead of walking back into the past and getting hurt again. Someone like him, they don't change. He'll say whatever you wanna hear, show you a couple things that says he has changed but then go back to his old ways & hurt you even more. Finding someone new who's gonna love you & make you happy all the time is a great feeling

    • wow.. thank you so much. It really means a lot and having my first experience be a good one on this website (: and I will really take this into consideration. Thank you so much again!

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    • No problem. Believe in yourself & trust your heart. You gotta make yourself happy first before making someone happy. The right guy is out there for you somewhere. Have faith

    • Don't go to his party. He's going to do whatever it takes to get you back then hurt you again. Block him out by focusing on other things like school or work or friends; things that make you happy

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  • Sweety,
    first of all, I am very proud of you that you love and respect yourself enough to stay away from him and for breaking up with him.
    I really think you are doing and thinking the right thing, once a cheater, always a cheater, and I think you are going the right path.
    You should believe in yourself and you should just CUT whatever contact you have with him, YES he did regret, but it's too late, you deserve so much better and you deserve to move on from him.

    Tell him he should stop hoping, and that he should go and fool somebody else, because you are DONE.
    D O N E

    • You are absolutely right. I will dump his ass right away. But how?
      thing is he is planning on inviting me to his party, and he is going to try and prove to me he has changed.
      how do i get rid of him for good?
      do i delete our messages? tell to move on?

    • It is easy, JUST DON'T GO, you should distance yourself from him, send him a goodbye text, and just block him.
      It's easier, faster, and he will get over it.
      Good luck doll <3

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