I like a guy but he never texts me?

3 years ago asked a guy his mom who I am and she went to my mom. He added me one year later on facebook and them we started chatting.
He told me about that day when we saw us on our vacation. He told me that I was cute.
We chatted like everyday for 4 months. After that he send me a heart-emoji and I was like "why do you send me this" he asked me if he can't send me that and I told him that I don't like it.
He didn't text me for 7 months and then I saw a message on my phone.. we talked that day and the next day he was another person. It happens 3 times. Today you're talking to me and tomorow you don't know who I am.


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  • what do u wanna ask?

    • Why he's acting like that

    • he may have another person in his life and there is a possibility that he talk to you when she ignores him or do not reply to him

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