Text interpretation from my ex?

so we have a baby together, we haven't been together since i was pregnant. he came out to see our child we hookup the entire time and he is coming back it here again and i said we needed boundaries, he said this today...
"I'm truly sorry about last time. Obviously I still have some sort of feelings for you. I know it's not healthy or right. I knew it was probably best to end whatever was going on between us. ... I'll rent a car then"


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  • Hmmmm, from a relationship coaching lens, I see a guy that wants to keep an easy (hooking up on his terms) relationship going with you. He hears you say that you want to set boundaries and all of a sudden he's telling you that he has 'some sort of feelings for you'. That's because he sees the sex train going away and he wants to keep it running.


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