Preference on dating an Asian guy?

What style do u prefer: Fresh of the Boat, K-pop, Hypebeast, Cholo or ghetto, Yakuza or triad, white collar, always wearing suits, etc.

what race seems attractive for you in Asian men?

what features or approach do you think Asian men need to do get your attention?

Asian men have been emasculated and has been the bottom perspective in American society in the dating culture especially in interracial dating.


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  • Cholo? Asian guys dress in the cholo style? That's more of a Mexican gangster style that was popular in the early 2000s. if I had to pick I guess the "ghetto" style , if by that you mean more urban. the race thats most attractive in Asian men are usually Fillipino, Pakistani, or Afghani (I didn't know if you meant just east Asian men or all). The features or anything that would get my attention would just be confidence and someone who's easy to talk to and joke around with, a good open attitude is attractive

    • I don't know how to rephrase it but like the Asians that used to be in Asians Boyz or like u said urban style in more like South Central LA vibe.

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