What to do (help needed)?

well i actually am talking to a guy who's like 2 years older than me i like him and he likes me too. The only problam is that a friend of mine which i don t trust much likes him too. I m not so sure of what to do help pl


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  • just keep talking to him. and he chooses either u or her

    • that s correct he actually doesn t like her my problem is only being afraid of twlling her everything

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    • just avoid those hints

    • okay thankk uuu

What Girls Said 1

  • Do what you want , if this friend is not a close friend that's okay and maybe you should cut her out of your life if you don't like her (why would you have a friend that you don't like?)

    • well she is close but day by day i m discovering her and she s like the type of person who smiles to your face and then talks behind ur back. But i still feel bad since she had feelings for him before i met him

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    • okay i ll try thankk uu

    • I hope everything goes well with that guy and your friend , you're welcome 👍🏼

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